Reptile and Wildlife Programs

Our mission at Rizzos Reptiles New Jersey is to bring people together to appreciate and learn about our natural world through reptile and live animal presentations. We have many different reptile shows and wildlife programs that teach students of all ages about the preservation of nature- not only seeing with their own eyes but also with their sense of touch. We believe the love of wildlife is universal and hands on participation is the greatest teacher. Rizzo's Reptiles strives to teach everyone about the wonder and joy that nature has to offer.

Rizzo's Wildlife Discovery brings the reptile birthday party, wildlife show, rainforest presentation or Discover Green show to you in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. With reptiles, lizards, snakes, frogs and so much more, Dominic Rizzo will bring a party or presentation that is sure to please!

Reptile Program

When you request a reptile show we bring lizards, snakes, frogs, turtles, and insects to a location of your choice! Additionally, you can add an alligator or crocodile to any program! Rizzo's Reptiles can tailor your program to include reptiles from around the world or we can bring it close to home with native NJ reptiles. Visit our photo gallery to see some of the stars that you could meet when you book a reptile birthday party, show or program in New Jersey, New York, or Pennsylvania.

Wildlife Program

The Wildlife program is an introduction to nature and provides an overall view of our wildlife kingdom. It is a truly outstanding program! You will be fascinated by mammals, lizards, snakes, frogs, turtles and insects. We may also include crustaceans, shells and skulls. Click here to book a Wildlife show or event today in New Jersey, New York, or Pennsylvania.

Rainforest Program

Our philosophy is Every Child Understands: Save the Forest which teaches about the five layers of the rainforest including Emergent, Canopy, Understory, Shrubbery, and Forest Floor. During our informative program you will learn about the precious and fragile rainforest. Understand why the rainforest is the "lungs of the Earth” and why we can’t live without this ecosystem. Meet animals that live in this unique habitat.

Discover Green

The educator will blend nature, environment and conservation to teach you how humans impact the environment. Meet various animals and reptiles to understand what we can do to help save the earth. The Discover Green program teaches us to CARE (Conserve, Awareness, Recycling, Environment) about our planet. Conservation starts with awareness and recycling to save the environment!

Insect Program

Without insects, all life would end! Have an up close and personal interactive experience with live creepy crawlies and observe visual displays. Of course, we will bring a large snake! Learn about the importance of insects in nature through an entertaining program.


Habitat Displays

Extremely popular for science fairs, community events, and school functions. We bring a diverse group of animals as well as shells and skulls for visual impact to showcase various ecosystems from around the world. Our visually appealing displays are a real crowd pleaser. Of course, a wildlife educator will interact with the audience to enable hands on experience and provide an informative talk.