Wildlife Card Game




An enormous amount of time and help from family and friends has made this educational card game come to life. Rizzo's Wildlife Discovery Card Game meets many of the guidelines required by the New Jersey State Core Curriculum. We tried to make this the best educational game on the market by helping teachers and children learn together and inspire children to realize that learning can be fun! We hope you will agree.

Learn while you play

  • 42 animals of the world including game play, educational facts and range map
  • 2 sets of reduce, reuse, recycle specialty cards to enhance game play and learn about saving the planet
  • 3 rule cards

Multiple games to choose from for ages 3 and up

  • Eat or Be Eaten
  • Critter Contest
  • Jungle Rumble
  • 700 Wild
  • Power Down
  • Multiple Madness

Booster Packs

  • 30 additional animals in total
  • 7 forces of nature cards
  • Symbol Key Card
  • Checklist of animals

Please click here to learn how to play Rizzo's Wildlife Discovery Card Game.