Reptile Birthday NJ

reptile-birthday-njAre you looking for a fun and unique idea for your kid's next birthday party? Consider having an exciting reptile birthday NJ with Rizzo's Reptile Discovery! Your child and guests will be entertained from start to finish with our reptile and wildlife presentations and our many programs.

Choose between a reptile party NJ, a wildlife party, a rainforest party, a Discovery Green party, an insect party, and more. Give the gift of knowledge to the children and inspire them to learn by hiring Rizzo's Reptile Discovery as your kid's birthday entertainer!

Rizzo's Wildlife Discovery brings our spectacular reptile and wildlife parties to you in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York!


Reptile Program   $325

Wildlife Discovery Program $325 

Reptile Birthday in NJ Party Packages

  • The birthday child will receive one deck of educational wildlife cards and two booster packs
  • The birthday child receives special attention
  • The birthday child may help us during the show
  • Guests receive one wildlife card 
  • You have the option of getting custom Rizzo's Reptile Discovery invitations for your party

All parties can add our educational party favor

  • 1 Booster pack (7 cards) for $1.50 per child
  • 3 Booster packs (21 cards) for $5 per child
  • 1 Wildlife Game and 1 Booster pack (59 cards) for $5 per child